Ženija Esmits

The year was 1998 - Zenija Esmits had just come to the horrible realization that a Bachelor of Fine Arts was about as useful as an ice cream cone in Greenland, and that she had just put her foot in a scholastic pile of crap.

With such an illustrious education the career pickings were shockingly slim. After kicking around in retail for a few too many years (and being on the wrong side of 30) she decided to bite the bullet and finally open up that small bed and breakfast she always dreamed of - because she's so good with people. With even less experience in hotel management than in art, Zenija did a quick reevaluation, and decided the next best plan was to start a greeting card company. Armed to the teeth with a pencil and a mean case of carpal tunnel, her slightly more realistic dream began blossoming into a terrifying reality. 

After sending hundreds of hand made greeting cards over not quite hundreds of years, Zenija had the horse sense to make a go of it. Xmas of 2012 was the holiday that broke the camel's back. Friends seemed to not only want to receive, but purchase her little creations. She thought to herself: "Self, you could make a meager living at this." And so it began - Say It With Sarcasm was born and after a smack on the ass the greeting card racket began breathing.

Lives: Vancouver, Canada
Age: younger than Rubik's Cube, older than My Little Pony
Sign: Obstruction Ahead
Likes: Enjoys milky tea and sarcasm.
Dislikes: the word amazing, nosebleeds and moths