Zenija Esmits


the year was 1998 - ženija esmits had just come to the horrible realization that a bachelor of fine arts was like putting ones foot in a scholastic pile of crap. not shockingly, the career pickings were slim. 

15 years passed, jobs in varying degrees of retail were had and lofty artistic dreams stewed on the back burner. 

Christmas 2012 was the holiday that broke the camel’s back. after sending hundreds of hand made xmas cards over not quite as many years, ženija’s clever friends seemed to not only expect to receive, but wanted to purchase her cards. armed to the teeth with a pencil and a mean case of carpal tunnel, her laborious hobby began blossoming into a little side-business. 

and so it began - say it with sarcasm was born and after a smack on the ass the greeting card racket began breathing.

Lives: Vancouver, Canada
Likes: milky tea, sarcasm and television.
Dislikes: the word amazing, nosebleeds and moths


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