If you want it made, chances are I can do it. contact me at and we can discuss your project in detail.

graphic design - specializing in print. 

  • take the plunge. say it with sarcasm provides the spring board for your new or in-dire-need-of-an-upgrade business venture. 
  • include a smirk with your direct mail, whether it's a holiday greeting or an end of season sale post, that doesn't come with a "minimum payment by" is always appreciated - and if it's amusing and/or pretty it may even make it under a magnet on the fridge. 
  • custom greeting cards (christmas, birthday, anniversary etc.)
  • corporate greeting cards
  • invitations (wedding, baby shower etc.)
  • illustration (your house, your pet but not your kid)
  • custom paintings
  • typography
  • personal branding 
    • logo
    • business cards
    • postcards, pamphlets, flyers
    • posters
    • web banners