Who wants diarrhea!

A word of caution dear readers: These are the worst.

Don't get me wrong, they're delicious but they are trying to kill you. At reasonable doses you'll get explosive bubbles for 24+ hours. At high levels (the whole bag) there's a chance you could die.

After some over-sharing and subsequent sleuthing my bff & I determined our mutual discomfort was due to Philippine Brand dried mangoes. Naturally delicious my ass - literally. These suckers contain a delightful preservative called sodium metabisulfite

Now you're probably thinking. It's just the mango causing awful gas and queasiness. True, dried fruit IS a total diarrhetic. But in the small quantity bff and I ate - not so much. 

Masquerading as "Healthy" and "Naturally Delicious" I would advise avoiding these at all cost - And that cost is $14.00 at Cost Co.