say, aren't you my daughter?

My Dad never calls me. That in itself should have been the tip off. The fact that it was the 26th of January should have also been an indicator*. 

To be clear: "Never calls me" means he never calls unless he's on assignment over seas - even better if said assignment involves a destination in civil unrest - and then it's only via a feeble Skype connection. He's a busy man. (see early blog post) Other than those handful of times per year, mum does the dialling like a dutiful secretary from the 50's. "Your father wants to talk to you." - hands off phone. 

photo 2 (4).JPG

Having said all that, on Sunday when my dad rang I was slightly confused. When questioned about the uncharacteristic call his answer was; "Nothing. Just wanted to tell you about such and such." Our conversation continued for maybe 5 minutes. At which point I think I subconsciously registered the date and asked;

Me: ""Dad" (using air-quotes with no-one around), do you think it's my birthday?"

Dad: "Isn't it?"

Me (penny dropping): "Of course - It's the 26th! I KNEW there was a reason you were calling - You NEVER call."

Dad: "You think I'd know after 39 years?"

Me: "38 Dad."

I could hear my mom rolling her eyes in the background.

Punch line: it was not my birthday.

* For roughly exactly 38 years my beloved father has defaulted to either January 26th or February 4th when wishing me a Happy Birthday. My actual Birthday is today - the 29th of January. I share the day with Tom Selleck - which makes me very happy - also WC Fields who incidentally, is my favorite answer to all Trivial Pursuit questions.