South Granville Inhabiter

  • What you're going to get: 
    This and That (including but not limited to: opinions, observations, photographs, drawings, history, reviews, musings, sass and amusement)

  • What you're not going to get: 
    Hard hitting political commentary, sugar coating, pussyfooting. 

Because one website isn't enough - Introducing the South Granville Inhabiter.

My latest collaboration is with the talented Helena McMurdo and the quick witted Heather Phillips. Together we've banded together to produce what is sure to be the favorite and most informative neighborhood blog in Vancouver. We focus on our neighborhood of South Granville with posts spanning the pertinent and irreverent not to mention our personal views.

Want to meet that cute brunette, you've had your eye on? Meet him/her the old fashioned way - on the internet. We'll be profiling your fellow inhabitants so you can get to know your neighbors without actually getting to know your neighbors. Ever wondered about a particular building, restaurant or shop - there's an outside chance we'll be able to tell you all about it. Don't know where to find that certain something for that certain someone - we'll tell you were to go (ahem).

So take a look, tell your friends, tell your enemies - spread the word through our fair neighborhood and beyond!