Spirograph in the sky.

Brace yourself - I'm in a good mood.

No, hell has not frozen over. It was however sunny in Vancouver - so same diff. I had a great day today - and I have art to thank for that. Well, art and Instagram. Social media is my favorite right now, next to my blankie that is. Due to the cleverness of one of the instagrammers I stalk, I was privy to information I probably wouldn't have found out about until it was yesterday's news. 

This morning as I was pawing through my instagram feed, I was thrilled to find out that the buzzed about Janet Echelman ariel sculpture was currently being suspended across the Vancouver harbour. From the moment I heard about Echelman I was intrigued. To someone who doesn't know her work (and assuming I didn't have a photograph right over there) I would describe it as the love-child of Georgia O'Keefe and spirograph - except far bigger, three dimensional and highly impressive. 

There's currently still a KickStarter campaign to help funding and the "rewards" are pretty dope. The sculpture is being installed to coincide with Vancouver hosting the equally buzzed about TED Talks. 

Bottom line: I'm super jazzed about all of the above. In my opinion Echelman's "Skies Painted with Unnumbered Sparks" although a lengthy title (and lengthy sculpture - 745 ft) it's vastly more interesting than those god-awful creepy cackling bronze figures “A-maze-ing Laughter” (probably why  hate it) at English Bay.

Yay public art!