From this point on I'm declaring Autumn Winter 2017/18 as The Season of Z. Three of my favorite things are included in the season's trend line-up. And I'm as happy as a pig in shit about it.

As usual there are about 1000 bandwagons you can jump on for FW17/18. But the unequivocal thread is strait-jacket sleeves. I'll go out on a limb and say at least 75% of collections include at least three examples of this look. From finger-tip grazing & floor-dragging to face-masking (Rick Owens) if you only pick up on one thing for Fall - it's to add some real estate to your arms. (see the 230 images below) Anything goes, chunky knits, sequins or crisp shirting - the common denominator is length. And hey, If the permanence of a top with sleeves is freaking you the eff out try the underlying trend of arm warmers. It's happening. Thanks Paco rabanne & JW. Anderson. That's a big thumbs up.

Once you've got your sleeves sorted incorporate any of the below Sub categories.

  • asymmetry (by way of slouched shoulders, one sleeve, or high/low hems.)
  • velvet
  • primaries (especially yellow - I've been harping on this one for years)
  • key-hole cut-outs
  • herringbone, tartan, argyle - any print worn during The Hunt at Downton Abbey.

Honorable Mentions

primary school trends: Blankies and mittens with strings. 

That's it folks - If a couple hundred photos didn't convince you then you're beyond help. I tried. 

Happy Spring.