Oscars 2017

The 89th Academy Awards and another trip to Snoresville. The best part of the evening? The Rolex commercial that debuted during the broadcast.


The red-carpet style has been getting increasingly boring as the years go on - and I think 2017 hit an all time low. So low, I honestly don't think there was anyone worth mentioning. I feel for those who actually had to commentate on the coma-inducing selection of gowns. On the bright side, the blandness in fashion meant the ACLU ribbons were that much more obvious.

For four hours I experienced little, save for pangs of disappointment every time La La Land won an award. Hugely overrated, this movie was many things, Oscar-worthy was not one of them. Watch any hollywood musical between 1950-1970 and tell me I'm wrong. Acting, singing, dancing - in all categories they were doing a superior job in the the 50's. When at long last we hit the evening's high - the announcement for best picture - I was thrilled and astounded that a colossal blunder meant the Oscar went to Moonlight.  A movie I have not seen (and probably won't see) but am confident the performances and production are far superior to la la - this based on 30 second clips shown during the Academy Awards. 

If you've watched Love Actually as many times as I have, when Joni Mitchell's Both Sides Now begins you're reduced to tears anyway. Now imagine there's a steady stream of beloved faces that you grew up with that are gone forever. Cue: sobbing.

All I know is next year we'll be celebrating 90 years of Academy Awards. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences better bring out the big guns. And if Donald Trump is still president (as I suspect he will be for 8 more years) they may literally have to.