From gorgeous to gruesome, tonights Met Gala proved wildly entertaining. The theme was Fashion in an Age of Technology launching the exhibit: Manus x Machina. Style choices ranged from the ridiculously literal to the strikingly subtle with many guests adopting the unofficial theme that lay somewhere between deconstructed disco-ball and  aluminum foil. see: every single Balmain gown. Frankly I was just pleased to have not seen any feeble leeloo impersonations. 


I admit it. Claire Danes in this ZacPosen phosphorescent ball-gown may just have been my favorite look of the evening. it's goddamn magical. Sure she looks like Cinderella - a very sophisticated - corseted Cinderella. Just to really hammer home how much I loved it I'm posting 4 images. Posen combined equal parts glamour, spectacle and mechanics. 


As with any fashion based event there are going to be some ungodly messes. And the honor went to the usual suspects - I'm talking to you Madonna. You're old. Stop it. No gala would be complete without Lady Gaga-ghastly showing up in a get-up that's inevitably punctuated by sky-high platforms that will hopefully one-day land her in traction. Finally -One word: TRON. I don't know who Julie Macklow is but whatever this mirrored monstrosity is supposed to be - one thing's for sure it was a HUGE mistake. 


Bal -one-trick-pony- main is picking up the predictability torch where Versace left off. Shoulders, sheer bits and a shit tonne of shine = yawning* Perfect for the Kardashian-Jenners and their "squads". Also . . .Kanye -fuck off.