Okay perhaps I'm exaggerating just a touch. But on this 20th day of June, the first day of summer mind you, I find myself bathed in goosebumps. I'm on the roof of my exceedingly fashionable modernist Vancouver apartment building. The sun is directly overhead and I'm . . . . chilly. Unacceptable. If I was an optimist I'd say there was a haze. Because I'm a realist I'll say there's high cloud cover. Did I mention it's June?

Only Born and Raised West Coasters would actually continue to live in weather like this. Mainly because they don't know any better, and the rest of the globe keeps blowing smoke up their asses. Meanwhile it's 16 degrees and I'm in very short shorts and a semi-tank top. I'm pushing the limits. The limits of what someone my age should be wearing as well as what's appropriate in sub zero temperatures. But because this could very well be the only vaguely sunny day we get until July I'm going to bloody well take advantage of it.

About 13 years ago my folks up and moved from the real estate gold mine they owned in Victoria all the way to Ontario. Thousands thought my parents had gone prematurely senile. And perhaps they had. However they packed up their life for a few reasons. A major one being: "Toronto has seasons."

And as the haze turns to 100% cloud, I realize they were on to something. 
(is that a rain drop?) 
Yes it still occasionally rains back East. Yes you have to rake leaves and shovel snow. But guess what, you can also sit outside after 6pm and not have to wear a chunky knit and drape yourself in an afghan. Which is exactly what I wore on the roof last night shortly before 8pm. Actually I think there may have been sun earlier today? Because just now as I padded over to the railing (so I could pitch myself over the side) I think I burned the soles of my feet on the paving tiles. But as the clouds continue to loom overhead I feel, rather than trying to soak up a couple of pathetic rays of murky sun, doing several loads of laundry would be a better use of this summer afternoon. 

The weather. This is the one strike Vancouver has against it. Oh, and the ridiculous cost of living, and the alleged unfriendly nature of most inhabitants. Other than that it's swell. 
I love this city. No really. I especially love my neighborhood of South Granville. If I didn't have the great boutiques, convenient watering holes or half of my friends living within a 6 block radius the totally crappy weather would upset me far more.

I've lived, worked and loved here for coming up on 7 years, and apart from a couple of near fatal hiccups, things keep getting better. With any luck so will the weather. Although lets face it, contrary to what the name implies the globe is doing the opposite of warming. Within 30 years I'll probably be complaining that the saber tooth tiger meat is tough, the eternal winter's wearing on my nerves, and I simply don't have a thing to wear to the ritual sacrifice a week from Saturday.