For JT

I hear Avatar is a rip roaring good time. I wouldn't know because I spent the duration making a concentrated effort to not throw up.

An elite few are fortunate enough to know about my exceptionally weak stomach. At age 12 I spent 85% of a Fijian cruise sleeping in the bunks of the ship. My earliest memory of being in an airplane was yakking my guts out at age 4 as we landed in Cape Town. The ferries were always unpleasant, although I think the only time I vomited was because I was coming home from seeing Nirvana on the mainland and was still a little drunk. Busses, I remember a particular trip heading up island on an excruciatingly long ride, I believe I spent 45 minutes or so in the can. Motion and me do not mix. This is another genetic gem I can thank my father for.

With the rejuvenated popularity of 3D films I have been forced to view movies through nausea colored lenses. I was prepared for the worst on my first outing. Shockingly Bolt was great. I laughed, I cried (seriously) and best of all, I did not toss my cookies. Up was also great, again, laughed, sobbed uncontrollably and kept my lunch down. Avatar. What could possibly go wrong? It's animated-ish? I survived the others . . . . ? Of course I can handle James Cameron's latest sci-fi epic Avatar. Here's the difference. With my first two 3D experiences I was not in the very front row of the theatre. I was also not subjected to constant (although I'm sure effective, if I had been able to focus) running, jumping and flying scenes. Scenes padded heavily with sweeping panoramic shots of levitating mountains, dive-bombing dragons and disorienting chases through jungles. I am amazed I remained in my seat for as long as I did. I only ate a quarter of a bag of pop-corn, which is unheard of, and I left half my soda-pop, also unheard of. I know the film was long, so I can't be sure if I got up an hour before the end or a half hour. All I know is when I came back from the bathroom I stood happily at the back of the theatre and enjoyed a civilized 3D experience from a tolerable distance. What I did see, which was A LOT of blue knee-caps, was terrific. I think I'll really enjoy it when I illegally download it on my computer next week.