Easter Vacay'

I traveled the exhausting distance to Vancouver Island. That means I was travelling a lot. So what really stands out about my trip isn't so much the fact that we ate the bunny after he hid our eggs or that I got a tan or even that I got to play with my lovely friends, it's ferry travel that sticks with me. Like gum to the bottom of your shoe, ferry travel is sticky and dirty, and the residual effects are disturbing.

The trip over was sunny, albeit laced with a light hangover. The trip home was smelly and wet. And the view was les than desirable. From my vantage point, which was dangerously close to the kids play area, I could see the following:

I saw the worst kind of hippy. The kind that wears novelty hats made of boiled wool. Hats that have the potential to be moderately cute on fictional fairy tale characters, do not belong on men in their early 40's. However we are in BC and there are an inexhaustible amount of poor fashion choices available. What this man-child was wearing what can only be described as a Gandalf inspired tea-cosy, with the addition of an offensive looking pheasant plume which concluded his total height at approximately 7 feet.

Secondly I saw a family of roughly 10 travelling together. Instead of sitting in 2 rows, they helpfully peppered themselves over 5. Just plain annoying.

As I mentioned I was within lynching distance of the carnival of filthy noisy children. Fortunately I had Led Zeppelin playing through my headphones at a suitable volume for obliterating exterior shrieks and giddiness. There was a small pack of rednecks just in front of the screaming kids, presumably 6 belonged to them. What drew my attention to this particular collection of trailer trash was the fact that one of the women was pouring a 2 litre carton of milk into a thermos. I can only assume they were making White Russians. Really, I can't blame them. Mostly I'm just jealous actually.