Diluted Word of the Month: Flawless




1. Having no defects or faults, especially none that diminish the value of something: A flawless Ming Dynasty vase.

2. Legally sound: The prosecution had a flawless case.

3. Having no discernible blemishes or shortcomings; perfect: flawless accent; flawless beauty.

Flawless: The new Amazing

Once again a word that seems to be highly subjective. What may be flawless to you (the general public) and what is flawless to me are two VERY different things. 

Please stop using it to describe Kim Khardashian, a feeble acceptance speech or a comparison between Alan Rickman and a koala bear (see image). Interchangeable with amazing as a catch-all for something, funny, pretty, tasty or whatever - flawless is used as a descriptor on Pinterest and Instagram in abundance. 

I could say Ulyana Sergeenko's FW 2014 collection is flawless. I'd be wrong - based on the fact that there are likely experts in the fashion industry that disagree. 

I have a friend who speaks English flawlessly. Now when I say that I mean it. Upon being told she was German I was blown away. FLAWLESS accent - maybe better than mine. 

Diamonds can be flawless. But seriously only when they are FLAWLESS. There's a scale, check it out. GIA DIAMOND CLARITY SCALE

Bottom line: It's hard to be flawless. It's also hard to pick up a thesaurus apparently. 

NB: according to Instagram the Minnesota State Fair is flawless. Sorry, but as soon as someone steps in manure, it ceases to be without imperfection.