Diluted Word of the Month - Curate

noun 1. 1. a member of the clergy engaged as assistant to a vicar, rector, or parish priest.

So. That's the actual definition.  

With religious ties that segued into its use as a verb to roughly mean a meticulous overseeing or collecting of - I suppose just about anything,  the word curate is fast becoming entirely diluted. With instagram feeds being touted as 'curated' like that of  the Victoria and Albert's renaissance wing - I wager the word is being overused.  

Up until perhaps a year ago when applied to something other than a museum, the word curated provided some legitimacy to whatever said "something" was. Be it a shop's inventory, a Songza playlist or your child's pre-school social network. 

Now, not so much. Holding the same meaning as say; haphazardly-thrown-together-with-zero-thought, curate has about as much prestige as the toilet brush in my bathroom. 

I beg of you, hipsters and arty types the world over - cease and desist. 

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