Cereal Box Surprise

“What the hell is that?”

I said with equal parts disgust and bewilderment. My Dad was standing in the TV room doorway looking puzzled. To the average human eye there may have been multiple problems with the ensemble that stood before me. But as a keen observer of “Dad” for over 30 years the black leather Velcro sneakers, the tattered flannel shirt tucked tightly into the thread bare two inches too short jeans didn't even register. This was standard. However what wasn't standard “Dad” wear was a small plastic red object clipped to his jeans pocket. It was the red, then the enormous 'K' emblazoned on it that grabbed my attention.

What's what?” “Dad” asked.

“That red thing.” (me pointing)

He began tugging on the red thing, which upon closer inspection had what appeared to be a digital clock embedded in it. In fact, not a digital clock, but a digital counting system.

It counts my steps as I walk, in the past 3 hours I've taken 1500 steps.” He replied excitedly. Actually “Dad” had been sitting in the basement at his computer for the past 4 days watching car racing . . . . so . . .

It's a pedometer isn't it?”

This was when Mum, who'd been sitting in the chair next to me piped up “JB has one, he was wearing it the other day. Your father liked it and I got that a year and a half ago in a box of Special K.”

Dad” removed the pedometer from his pocket and shook it at the passing cat. “I took 6 steps shaking it at Spanky!”