Here's my question. Why isn't pie a more acceptable breakfast food? WHY? Let's look at the facts, and by facts I mean ingredients. Fruit and carbs. This arrangement appears readily in pancakes, french toast, cereals, crepes, toast and Pop-Tarts. I say, if I can snack on a Pop-Tart for a mid evening dessert treat, I can sure as hell eat pie for breakfast. Which is exactly what I did this morning. Delicious, nutritious-ish and satisfying.

Which brings me to Pop-Tarts. I don't care that my teeth rattle the moment I open the delicate silver wrapping and a small plume of multi-colored dust puffs out. That just proves they're fresh, like the ripe juicy strawberries that go into them.

How to eat Pop-Tarts (for the curious):

The crust of icing is more delectable the longer it remains in the toaster. slightly singed is how I like 'em. So hot that on more than one occasion I've blistered an over-eager finger. Pie however, I like cold or room temp, no ice-cream totally alone and vulnerable.

Fast forward to 12:42am the next day. Thought......Ketchup chips, in theory carbs and fruit once again. Not breakfast material, even by my loose standards. Unless said breakfast is literal definition*.

Next time I'll warn you about the danger of fibre. Dried fruit friend or foe? Here's an answer. Foe.

* break⋅fast  [brek-fuhst]


1.the first meal of the day; morning meal: