A Wednesday.

Was it the lox or me?

Vote now.

I was sitting with My Friend at Solly's today eating bagels and lox. Now, there's an efficient way to build this concoction and an inefficient way. In my opinion, although delicious “Solly” built it inefficiently. Therefore I took it upon myself to reconstruct my bagel. I brushed off the capers (which had already mostly rolled off of their own accord) and removed the lox. I then stuck the capers back on the cream cheese, and securely placed the salmon back on top. I had cream cheese on all digits, when Friend decided it would be a good idea to fetch me napkins. He got up and I continued to play with my food. Seconds passed and I felt eyes on me. The two dudes sitting behind us were staring, and not too subtly I might add. I sort of did a double take as I turned around to see the prying eyes. They looked quizzical, and sort of questioned my motives. I said, if the capers go directly on the cream cheese they stick, and thus don't roll off. Easier to eat. They seemed vaguely accepting of this revolutionary idea. At this point Friend came back to hear my last words “ . . . not just a pretty face boys, I've got brains too.” Conceited? Perhaps.

Now my question is: were they staring at me because of my looks or because I looked like a jack-ass? So far the tally is 1/1. I say it was because I was making a mess of my food. My Friend thinks it's because I'm a moderately attractive blonde. I think that's ridiculous. To clarify I was not marching down the street in 5 inch heels wearing an inappropriately short skirt. I was sitting on a stool wearing a wool v-neck while dissecting smoked salmon and nasturtium seeds.

NB. Ginger Jen, you may not weigh in on this one.